It’s easy to look at the headlines and the division in our media feeds and feel dread. People my age seem sure that the world will be destroyed by they are seasoned with age. But there is a song that I retreat back to when I need reminding.

That song is Forevermore by Iron Savior.

Make sure you are in a quiet place where you won’t be interrupted, and crank your sound system or earbuds. This ballad allows me to see past the rabble, past this moment in time, and see the realization of our goals.

When I hear this song, I see nothing less than the total unloosing of human potential in freedom across the whole of the globe. I see a unified interdependent liberal society of societies. It is profoundly beautiful. Take this time, in this guided meditation, to see it too. See the actualization of the libertarian aim, of the liberal project.

See a world of open cooperation, see a world without arbitrary borders, see a world of the free flow of people, of information, and goods. See an open and voluntary world of people that bend their knee for no one. See a world with me at peace.

Now, come back, come home to now. There is much to do, and there seems to be much in our way. But really the liberal world is already here. A world in which money and information are increasingly impossible to control is not world that can for long remain under central control. Know this, and stride forward in hope; for Liberty.