Recently it was casually suggested that the plank of the Libertarian Party platform regarding abortion be removed. I think the plank is a major strength of the LP, and it should be kept as is.
Here is the the passage in question:

1.5 Abortion

Recognizing that abortion is a sensitive issue and that people can hold good-faith views on all sides, we believe that government should be kept out of the matter, leaving the question to each person for their conscientious consideration.

I believe that this very unique position must be preserved. We could remove it, but everyone always needs to know where we stand on this issue. Not having one at all would be a mistake, that would satisfy 0% of pro-choicers or pro-lifers.

The current platform on abortion also doesn’t totally satisfy anyone. But this is its strength! The reality of policy making is that a radical group rarely gets everything it wants because it needs others that it disagrees with to cooperate in order to legislate. America is not likely to ever be 100% the way pro-choicers or pro-lifers want, the LP’s statement represents a compromise. The lifer agrees to abstain from state mandates against abortion, and the pro-choicer agrees to abstain from state mandates of funding for abortion.

This encompasses a third position: Pro-Liberty. A position in which the State is entirely removed from the conversation around abortion. Allow me to explain further:

Drug legalization transitions addiction from a criminal problem to a medical problem. That’s what we libertarians say, yes? Our current platform changes abortion from a legal problem to a social and medical issue. It becomes a problem that we can solve together instead of wasting resources on an intractable battle.

If the two factions made this truce they could each focus on their interests to the mutual benefit of all.

1.) Prolifers can set to to work resolving the underlying sociological and economic conditions that lead to abortions. They can also engineer the technology to make alternatives like evictionism possible.

2.) Pro-choicers can keep providing and expanding access to abortion services, when they are needed.

All of this is possible in a world where lifers and choicers make a truce, and call off their war. It is a world that we as the Libertarian Party have already dared to imagine, we should not give up on it

In a follow up article, I’ll explain what I think the tenants of being Pro-Liberty ought to be and show more of what world we can live in when this is not a political question any longer.